Why lion called king of all animals which eats meat

Lion called king of all wild animals because it can eat all animals easily. It is a furious animal and it is among the animals who like to eat meat of other animals. So it is called a carnivore. There are many animals who like to eat meat but it is most furious and its attack is unbelievable. In jungle they attacks on other animals for their flash. They attack in groups. The group leader decide to attack on other animals. They attack on normal size of animals. This beast can eat 30 kg meat at one time.
Male hunt in groups called pride. They often hunt the big animals such as giraffe, elephants and hippos. Lion and spotted hyena are same in hunting so it ignore the spotted hyena. There are many evidence that a spotted hyena kill the lion.
They are also called big cats. They have many characters resemble with cats. Cheetahs, leopards and tigers are also in the category of big cats. Their body features are same as cat. They hunt like cats.
There are many kinds of lions find in the world but most beautiful is white lion. White lion finds in South Africa.
They usually don’t prey the human. There are some examples of lions who like to eat the man. Mostly they eat other animals.
This video shows that it is very powerful animal and can attack on people. In the video there is a child who is standing outside the cage of lion. This is a different cage because it is made by glass. It looks that lion don’t aware by the glass. The beast looks at the child when he turn the beast attacks on him by its paw. It is most furious moment of this video. It looks loin going to kill the boy but it hit the glass looks so funny.

Why it looks so easy to spin the balls like a juggler

Juggler has an art to spin the balls in the air it looks so easy but everybody cannot do this. Performer has perfection in this art. This is an old art juggling with set of three and more beads. The ball used in it are ordinary. These are also called juggling balls. It is an ancient art first time used in Egyptian court. It is 4 thousand years old skill. The main thing is to do this performance to select right balls they should not be too big and they should be light in weight. If you want to try this you should do this trick with tennis ball.
There are many tricks with these balls some juggler perform with a single sphere. They put a single bead in their single palm and slightly throw it upward and catch it with its second hand. Some perform with two, they throw one into air and hold the second one from other hand. They repeat it swiftly. They throw the balls and lift it in air a specific height this will give them time to hold the ball from other hand. Timing also matter in entire game if timing is not perfect you are failure in this trick.
Actually it is challenging to do this with three tennis balls. You should throw them one by one and catch one by one if there is any error in timing all will fell down.
The man in this video is showing extra ordinary tricks because he is performing with three tennis balls and throwing them and rolling them behind his back. He looks perfect in this art and doing all this with perfect timing. You have never seen such a tricky show all credit goes to performer who has lots of practice before doing this stunning performance

Why wingsuit flying through a ring is most challenging

Wingsuit flying is most challenging through a ring because in high speed it is difficult to pass through the ring. A little mistake could be a cause of failure and you will not pass through the ring. Many people has dived from different places but dived through ring is amazing. Over all it is deadliest sport but there are many people who have craze to fly in air wearing wing suit.
There are many facts behind this sport such as the suit which is made by a 33 year old man and he dived from Eiffel tower. The Wingsuit in present age is quite different from it. This suit has a specific quality it will increase the area of your body which will lift your body. By wearing this costume you will look like a bat. The diver has a parachute on his back when he is closer to ground he unzipped it and safely landed. The design of this costume is most important because it covers the area between the legs and arms so the arms and legs turn into wings like a bat. By this design a man is able to fly through air. The Wingsuit which is using in these days is completely safe for diving in air.
Diver has an important role in this game because he has to aware all technics of this sport. He control the speed and direction by adjusting his legs and arms. He knows can he change the direction by spreading his legs and arms if he cannot do this at right time, he will not land at right targeted place.
By seeing this clip you can say that this diver has given an extra ordinary performance because he control his body in such manner that he is able to pass through the ring of fire.

Why old cars purchased so carefully instead of new one

Old cars are buying and purchasing in all countries. There is question arose in your mind that why people buy second hand vehicle instead of a new one. So answer is very simple there are many people who wants to buy their own car but they have not enough money to buy it. These people want to buy wagon in the range of their budget so they prefer to buy old one. There are another group of people who can afford new car but they prefer to buy an old one because they love second hand cars. Mostly old vehicles are not found in good condition. They are found in scrape ward. People who love old cars always search used cars. They buy these carriages after it they repair it. They paint them in a new color and repair all its parts which are not working well. It is very difficult to search and repair an old car. Many people buy a second hand car and after repairing it they sell it. It is their business. Ancient cars lover buy it and seller get profit to sell it. People who are related to this business are technically knows how to buy an ancient car. Repairing is costly and some time you are not able to get profit by selling a used car.
You should careful when purchase a used car. Mostly used cars have problems so you should know it mechanically. If you know about all of its parts so it will be easy to buy it. It is very difficult to guess the price of an old one. There are many sources for buying second hand automobiles such as dealers, show rooms, rental companies and leasing companies. Used vehicles is an industry. In many developed countries sale of used vehicles is more than new one.

Why panda called an innocent beautiful and mischievous animal

Panda is an innocent beautiful and mischievous animal. It find in china. Its color is white and black which is a unique color in all animals. It belongs to the bear family but it is not harmful animal for human. Giant panda is different from red panda due to its black and white color. They live in high lands of central china and eats grass, leaves, herbs and meat of birds. In zoo they eat honey, fish, oranges and bananas. They are the animals which going to extinct so wildlife is saving them and trying to increase in their population. They are keeping them in zoo and farms for giving them extra care. Maximum weight of a male is 160 kg and female is 70 kg. Their body is like as a bear. They have arms, legs and shoulders. Cool places are their habitat so they have thick black and white furry coat which keep them warm in winter. In natural habitat they do not have their permanent home they wander here and there. They do not hibernate like bears.
It is a beautiful and mischievous animal which makes you laugh by its mischievous behavior. It looks like a stuff toy and behave like a child. This video also shows the mischievous attitude of panda. In this video there is a lady who is cleaning the leaves and putting them in a basket. There are two baby pandas who are trying to sit in the basket which is full of leaves. Both pandas are trying to play with the lady. After all one of them sit in the basket now it is not coming out from it. The lady is trying to keep away them from basket but they are behaving like children. It looks so funny that an animal is behaving like a child.

Why children required ice cream at the end of the meal

Children have the demand for ice cream at the end of the meal. If there was ice cream at the end of the meal that will not disappoint. Many hotels and restaurants serve children at the end of the meal.
Different restaurants with different menus of food for children in the restaurant has a special meal. Food that serve children are different from adults because they like to eat candy.
To grow food that require a good age. Balance is the diet should be required in the age of growth. It is sensitive to the age and the effect of nutritional imbalance for growth. They need food full of nutrients and vitamins that give them energy.
These days parents are busy and do not have enough to maintain a proper diet for their children's time. It is necessary to give them adequate food. They need milk, fruits and foods rich in protein. There are many restaurants that take into account children's food requirements.
Many children do not like to eat healthy foods. Therefore, it is the duty of parents to develop the habit of eating. Parents should give the natural and organic food for their children.
Children like to eat food that has a bright color and sweet flavor. Many children like to eat fast food such as hamburgers and fried foods. They also like to drink cola is not good for your health. Ice cream is sweet children's favorite dish.
There are many types of ice cream. Flavors also important in the semi. Children have different similarity in the flavors. It is noteworthy that children should eat ice milk, which is good for health. In the market and there are many types available, but the only purchase made dairy products.
In this most attractive picture is that the child is getting cold feet because after the big frozen food did not help him.